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When should I raft the 17 mile Hudson River Gorge? Spring or Summer?

Fun for the Whole Family!

This is a great question that guests often asks. The short answer is if you like big and challenging cold water then spring is your best bet but if you like warm water with fun playful rapids then summer is your best choice.

But let’s delve a little more into the different seasons. Between the end of March and mid April the Adirondack Mts start to warm up and all the snow that has collected over the Winter starts to melt and fill the lakes and rivers.  Also, it is typical for us to get more rain than other times of the year and this combines to make the rivers run high. When this actually happens is never the same each year and something we monitor daily as soon as we see signs that Spring is on it’s way.

For the past several years it seems that the 3rd weekend in April to mid May has been the time when the river is running the highest.  So if you would like the challenge of big water that is thrilling yet cold then this is when you should book your trip.  After mid May most of the snow is gone from the Mts and the river slowly drops in level for about a month untill it reaches our Summer levels. It is not uncommon for the Adirondack’s to continue to get good rain storms and for the river to stay up higher much longer into the season. When this happens everyone at Wild Waters is excited because the river warms up dramatically in May.

While the Spring trips feature large waves and holes with plenty of Class 3-4 and sometimes 5 whitewater the Summer is filled with warm class 3-4 whitewater that allow the guides to “Play” (surf)  on the river and plenty of opportunities for guest to swim in the river if they choose.

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