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How do I become a Hudson River Gorge Raft Guide for Wild Waters?

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Everyone that guides on the Hudson River Gorge must have a NYS Guide License.

The minimum NYS requirements are: (not listed in any order)

Certified in CPR, 1st Aid and basic water safety.

Take and pass 2 written test that NYS administers several times a year (one test is focused on your basic knowledge of the outdoors and the other is whitewater focused).

Train with a NYS approved whitewater rafting outfitter, which Wild Waters Outdoor Center is, and receive a letter from the outfitter stating that you have made at least 5 trips down the river with 2 of those trips being in complete control of the raft.

Pay a $100.00 fee for a 5 year license.

Get a Physician statement using the NYS form.

Depending on your whitewater experience you may have enough knowledge to take the written exams before you start your training.  Don’t have much or any Whitewater experience?  No worries!

ome of our best guides joined our team with little or no experience.  Because, when you train at Wild Waters Outdoor Center, you will receive all the info you need to take the test and be a top notch guide!

It may take you more than 5 trips down the river before Wild Waters Outdoor Center will write you a letter stating you are skilled to guide.  Here is the link to the NYS DEC website for guide requirements: › docs › legal_protection_pdf › guidesappl2020 License Guide Application & Exam Locations (PDF)  If you are interested in becoming a guide for WWOC please give Doug a call at 518-744-9430.

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