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What if rains during my Whitewater Rafting Trip?!

Big Splashes, Big Fun!

This is another question that is often brought up.  The short answer is – You get wet!  No matter which trip you pick you will get wet even if the sun is shining.  Most days are rain free but sometimes they are not.  With all our trips the river is so exciting I have had many guest tell me they did not even know it was raining!

But what about T-storms?  Since we are located in the Adirondack Mts. this is not as much a concern as in other areas of NYS because it takes so long for the air to heat up and cause the instability needed during the early part of the day to form T-storms.  We do get T-storms in the evening and overnight sometimes but it is rare to get them before 4:00 pm which is typically the latest any of our trips finish.

During the Spring and Fall Seasons wetsuits are provided to help you stay warm and during the Summer Season you can rent wetsuits and/or splash jackets that will help keep you warm and dry.   So don’t worry about the rain.  What would you rather do?  Go shopping, to the movies or go Whitewater rafting in rain!  The Whitewater rafting trip makes for a much better story to tell your friends when you get back from vacation.

And just like the river levels, we monitor the weather constantly so we are always prepared.  If, however, we feel the weather and or river levels will become dangerous and we decide to cancel the trip then you will receive a full refund.  So don’t worry!  The worst that can happen is you will get wet!

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