Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chevron down Where do I check in?
  • Hudson River Gorge Trips: Please check in at the Glen Lodge and Market, using the entrance across from the top of the handicap ramp.  Vehicles should be parked in the bus lot.  After check in, proceed to the outfitting area where you will be outfitted for your trip.  Bathrooms and changing rooms are located in the outfitting area.

    1123 Route 28
    Warrensburg, NY 12885

    Sacandaga River Trips: Our sign and location are both visible as you approach on Lake Avenue.

    1115 Lake Ave
    Lake Luzerne, NY 12846

  • Chevron down What do I need?
  • You’ll be most comfortable whitewater paddling in clothing that can get completely wet.  For spring and fall rafting, you’ll want synthetic long underwear, and perhaps even a fleece or wool insulating layer, as well as a warm hat and socks.  For summer rafting, bathing suit/shorts and a T-shirt will usually work fine, along with a cap and some sun block.  For the cool or rainy days we rent spray tops and pants for $5 each.  Please go to the store for details.  Please ask one of our guides if you are not sure how to dress for the day’s weather.  If you have forgotten anything, the Glen Market is well stocked with polyester long underwear, socks, hats, glasses straps, sun block, and waterproof cameras.

    What to Bring:

    The Adirondack Mountains have four distinct rafting and whitewater paddling seasons.  While WWOC will outfit you with a wetsuit and booties (spring only), you may need to bring additional clothing to wear under and over your wetsuit depending on the time of the season of your trip.  Please review the list below and dress accordingly.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.  If you are a trip leader, it is important that you supply this list to every member of your trip.  WWOC reserves the right to require or restrict certain clothing on trips when the weather conditions warrant.


    • Wool sweater/fleece sweater
    • Wool gloves, socks, and hat
    • Wool or polypropylene underwear
    • Nylon spray top and pants
    • Bathing suit (optional)


    • Wool or polypropylene underwear 
    • Wool gloves, socks, and hat
    • Wool sweater/fleece sweater
    • Bathing suit (for under the wetsuit) optional


    • Bathing suit
    • T-Shirt
    • Old sneakers, water shoes, or sandals — no flip flops


    • Wool Sweater/fleece sweater
    • Wool polypropylene underwear
    • Wool gloves, socks, and hat
    • Nylon spray top and pants
  • Chevron down Does everyone in my group need to sign a Release Form?
  • YES!  We need to know every rafter’s medical history so we can care for them in an emergency, and as acknowledgement that they understand the inherent risks involved with whitewater rafting.  You can save time and sign the waiver beforehand, just click here to view and print it.

  • Chevron down Should I bring my wallet, keys, and valuables on the river trip?
  • NO!  We are not responsible for them, and they will get wet and perhaps lost.  Lock valuables in your vehicle.  We are happy to store your keys behind the wetsuit counter during your trip.

  • Chevron down Can I go barefoot?
  • NO! All rafters must wear shoes, sneakers, or sandals (with a heel strap) that will stay on their feet. Flip-flops are not acceptable for this reason. The riverbed and shoreline are made up of rocks, gravel, etc. that can be very tough on bare feet. If you do not have appropriate footwear, water shoes and sandals can be purchased at the Glen Market.

  • Chevron down What safety information should I be aware of?
  • Whitewater rafting, like all outdoor adventure sports, has some degree of inherent risk.  We are very proud of our training level and safety record with individual and family white water rafting vacations. We provide helmets to all of our clients on all rivers because it decreases the chance of minor head injuries. Helmets are mandatory at all times on the river.

  • Chevron down How many people fit in a raft?
  • We use 16 and 14-foot self-bailing rafts that hold as many as four to 10 rafters.

  • Chevron down How deep is the river?
  • The river depth varies significantly from several inches to perhaps 40 feet in some of the calm pools on either side of the river.  This variation in depth helps to create whitewater.

  • Chevron down Is it okay to tip my guide?
  • Tips are an important part of your guide’s pay.  If you enjoyed your trip, feel free to tip your guide whatever you feel is appropriate.

  • Chevron down How do I order a picture?
  • Fill out a photo order form after your trip.  You’ll need to know the date and the name of your guide.  We’ll mail your order within 14 days, satisfaction guaranteed. If you need to contact the photographer from your trip at a later date, our Sacandaga River photographer Sonni Woolley can be reached at [email protected] . Our Hudson River photographer can be reached at [email protected]. If your Hudson River photos were not displayed on the television screen during dinner, they can be viewed online at .